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Key features:

  • Easily manage your homepage, blog posts, publications, talks, and projects
  • Configurable widgets available for Biography, Publications, Projects, News/Blog, Talks, and Contact
  • Need a different section? Just use the Custom widget!
  • Write in Markdown for easy formatting and code highlighting, with LaTeX for mathematical expressions
  • Social/academic network linking, Google Analytics, and Disqus comments
  • Make it your own by installing color themes
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Simple and refreshing one page design

Selected Publications

A mobile visual clothing search system is presented whereby a smart phone user can either choose a social networking image or capture a new photo of a person wearing clothing of interest and search for similar clothing in a large cloud-based ecommerce database. The phone’s GPS location is used to re-rank results by retail store location, to inform the user of local stores where similar clothing items can be tried on.
In ICMEW, 2013.

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Jun 1, 2030 1:00 PM





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Create a beautifully simple personal or academic website in under 10 minutes.


Enable/disable and configure widgets to customize your homepage.


This is a brief guide to managing content with the Academic framework. Content can include publications, projects, talks, news/blog articles, and widget pages. After you have read this guide about creating and managing content, you may also be interested to learn about writing content with Markdown, LaTeX, and Shortcodes.


Content can be written using Markdown, LaTeX math, and Hugo Shortcodes. Additionally, HTML may be used for advanced formatting. This article gives an overview of the most common formatting options.


Troubleshoot common issues.


Learn how to migrate an existing website from Jekyll to Hugo.



Deep Learning

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External Project

An example of linking directly to an external project website using external_link.


This is an example of using the custom widget to create your own homepage section.

I am a teaching instructor for the following courses at University X:

  • CS101: An intro to computer science
  • CS102: An intro to computer science
  • CS103: An intro to computer science
  • CS104: An intro to computer science
  • CS105: An intro to computer science
  • CS106: An intro to computer science
  • CS107: An intro to computer science