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Highly Flexible

Easily manage many different types of content including the homepage, blog posts, publications, talks, slides, tutorials, projects, and custom pages. Academic even has multilingual support.

Markdown, Code, Math

Write in Markdown (or RMarkdown) with support for code highlighting and LaTeX math formatting. You can even use our time-saving shortcodes too.

Themes & Plugins

Academic has a powerful theme and plugin system. Themes let you modify Academic’s colors to suit your preferences. Then choose the widgets you want and place them where you want.

Elements for Every Kind of Site

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This website is powered by Academic, Hugo, and Netlify, and can be built in under 10 minutes.

Explore the personal demo or project/organization demo (this site), and then consider heading on over to install and customize your own site.

Key features:

  • Easily manage your content including homepage, blog posts, publications, talks, and projects
  • Configurable widgets available
  • Customize your site with themes
  • Can’t find the widget you want? Use the Custom widget!
  • Write in Markdown for easy formatting and code highlighting, with LaTeX for mathematical expressions
  • Social/academic network linking, Google Analytics, and Disqus comments
  • Make it your own by installing color themes
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Simple and refreshing one page design

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Ghent University

The Database, Document and Content Management research group at Ghent University.

Stanford University

The Causality in Cognition Lab at Stanford University studies the role of causality in our understanding of the world, and of each other.

Alison Presmanes Hill

Co-author of the leading book on using R to create websites.

Daniel S. Quintana

Researcher in biological psychiatry at the Univerisity of Oslo.

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