Getting started

The Academic framework enables you to easily create a beautifully simple website using the Hugo static site generator in under 10 minutes 🚀

Key features:

  • Easily manage various content including homepage, blog posts, publications, talks, and projects
  • Extensible via themes and plugins
  • Can’t find the widget you want? Use the Custom widget!
  • Write in Markdown for easy formatting and code highlighting, with LaTeX for mathematical expressions
  • Social/academic network linking, Google Analytics, and Disqus comments
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Simple and refreshing one page design
  • Multilingual and easy to customize

First steps

To get the most out of Academic, start by reviewing a few introductory topics:

Setup - Install Academic for your platform.

Quick Start and Settings - Customize your website.

Add content - Add content to your homepage such as blog posts, projects, talks, or publications.

Community - Connect with the Academic and Hugo community.