Some common questions and answers are listed below.

I cloned/downloaded Academic but Hugo produces errors when using it with my existing Hugo site

Academic is a website framework rather than just a theme. Please follow the step-by-step guide on the Installation and Getting Started pages of the documentation.

If you experience issues, first try running Hugo on the Academic Demo Site found in the themes/academic/exampleSite folder and then compare the configuration parameters in the demo site’s config/ folder and front matter of content files with the files in your site.

Hosting your site with Netlify or Cloudflare and experience strange behavior such as filters not working?

Disable post-processing steps such as minification in your Netlify/Cloudflare admin panel.

Publications and other content are not sorted by newest first

Hugo requires a valid date field, as per the front matter of the Demo publications in themes/academic/content/publication/. If you wish to display a partial date, such as just the year, a full valid date should still be entered in the front matter - the Customization page describes how to change the format in which dates are displayed on your site.