Academic comes bundled with a variety of popular themes built-in including:

To choose a theme, set the theme option in config/_default/params.toml.

Alternatively, you can create your own theme.


Your theme comes with a font set to style your titles and text, but you may choose to override it by specifying one of the following built-in font sets or creating your own font set:

  • Minimal (modern)
  • Classic (original Academic v1 style)
  • Rose (traditional serif)
  • Mr Robot (futuristic)

To choose a font set, set the font option in config/_default/params.toml.

Font Sizes

The font size can be changed all the way from extra small to extra large using the font_size option in config/_default/params.toml.

Community Themes

In this section, we will curate themes submitted by users. To create your own theme and request it to be added to this section, follow these steps:

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